Noah's complete production discography. Take a listen!

Yucatan Artwork 3.jpg

“Yucatán (feat. Javis)” with Austin Simmons

“Yucatán” is another creative collaboration between Noah and Austin Simmons with a guest verse from rapper, Javis. Built around a unique vocoder/trap beat/strings combination, it was released in the summer of 2019.


“Psalm 6 (Demo)” by Austin Simmons

Noah produced Austin Simmons’ stripped worship song based on the Biblical passage of Psalm 6.

“SCREAM!” with Austin Simmons

In the spring of 2019, Noah and Austin Simmons released “SCREAM!,” a high-energy, ear-grabbing single, pulling inspiration from classic funk, R&B, dance, and modern pop genres. The song went on to win multiple awards at the Greenville University Music Awards of 2019: Best Male Vocalist of the Year, Best Engineered Song of the Year, and 2nd Place for Best Original Song of the Year.


O Holy Night (feat. Alyssa)

Inspired by the Christmas season, Noah collaborated with vocalist Alyssa Goff to create a re-imagined cover of the classic Christmas song “O Holy Night,” released in the winter of 2018.


This Christmas (feat. Wynton Gage & Austin Simmons)

Inspired by the Christmas season, Noah collaborated with vocalists Wynton Gage and Austin Simmons to create a re-imagined cover of Donny Hathaway’s Christmas classic “This Christmas,” released in the winter of 2018.

“The Unbelievable” by Steve & Vikki Cook

In the winter of 2018, Noah produced a re-imagined version of Sovereign Grace Music’s Christmas song “The Unbelievable” for Steve and Vikki Cook.

Entertainment Radar with Noah & Javi

In the fall of 2018, Noah and fellow Greenville student Javi James produced and hosted Entertainment Radar, a weekly podcast for the Greenville University Papyrus online newspaper, discussing music and pop culture. The duo also created the original intro and outro music.


Control (feat. Marlene Saravia)

Noah collaborated with vocalist Marlene Saravia to create this original pop/dance track in the spring of 2018. The song went on to win “Best Produced Song of the Year” at the 2018 Greenville University Music Awards.

Greenville University Homecoming Dance 2017 Recap Video

In the fall of 2017, Noah produced, composed, and arranged the music for Greenville University's Homecoming Dance 2017 recap video.


"Unforeseen" by Austin Simmons

Noah was one of three producers who collaborated with artist and vocalist Austin Simmons to create his original worship song during the fall of 2017.


Free Fallin’ - Tribute to Tom Petty

In the fall of 2017, Noah collaborated with Greenville friends and released a cover of the late Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’” following his passing that year.


Murph's Pitch intro/outro

Noah provided the original intro and outro music for Logan Murphy's new podcast, "Murph's Pitch".  Episode 4 was the first to include the music.


Cammi Rockey - “Aftermath” Remix

Noah produced a remix of Greenville singer/songwriter Cammi Rockey’s “Aftermath” in the fall of 2017.


A.M. - “Holding You” Remix

Following the successful release of the A.M. album, Noah was asked to produce a remix of their song “Holding You.”


A.M. - Album

In the spring of 2017, Noah produced six of the 10 tracks on this Greenville University pop duo's album.  The duo won an award for Favorite Band of the Year at the Greenville University (then College) Music Awards of 2017.

  • Lights Come Up

  • Locked Out

  • Roses

  • Miles Away

  • Take Me

  • Float