Creativity is written in Noah Schlosser's DNA.

Producer/artist/musician Noah Schlosser has been surrounded by music his whole life. In his early years, he took percussion lessons from a seasoned jazz drummer and learned to love the genre, competing and performing regionally with high school groups and professional musicians. By the time he graduated high school, he had expanded his musical aptitude to include choral performances in an elite acapella ensemble, harmonizing on complex arrangements of vocal jazz, Latin, pop, and classical music. At the same time, Noah discovered music production was his passion, working hours to ensure each new song and remix was better than the last.

In his first year at Greenville University, his SoundCloud remix of Charlie Puth's "We Don't Talk Anymore" caught the attention of Mandy Pennington and Adam Lamb, who were collaborating under the name, "A.M." Noah produced six of the band's 10 songs. "A.M." went on to win multiple awards at the Greenville (then) College Music Awards, including Favorite Band of the Year. Noah produces original music, covers, and remixes, as well as music for podcasts and promotional videos.

In May 2018 he released "Control", a collaboration with vocalist Marlene Saravia, which earned him the Greenville University Music Award for Best Produced Song of the Year, followed by pop-funk hybrid “SCREAM!” with Austin Simmons that following year.

What does the future hold for this creative mind and his music? Only time will tell.

He hopes you enjoy what's to come.

Music is life.  It’s a divine gift engrained into our very beings.  Music impacts each of us differently, and paints pictures in our minds. There’s nothing else in the world like it.
— Noah Schlosser